Dan Doiron


The New Album "Stand Back... I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets!" is now available!!

The new album was released May 19th. The band will be performing a release tour throughout Atlantic Canada this summer  and fall so be sure to check the calendar as dates are added.  Dan has also released a video for "Killing Each other Trying to Get Into Heaven" You can check it out here: "Killing Each Other Trying to Get Into Heaven"


 PRESS QUOTES for "Stand Back I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets":

"This is what happens when you take an Atlantic Canadian player and put him in Memphis... in a Word... Awesome!"  Terry Parsons Host - Blind Lemon Blues - CHMR Radio

 "With his 2015 release 'Stand Back I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets...' Nova Scotia's Dan Doiron serves up a blistering, funky, and melodic cocktail that proves once again, what Eastern Canada already knows - he is a Rockin' Blues force to be reckoned with!" Brent Morrison Host - The Rockin' Blues Show 


"Every once in a while you stumble across a blues album that makes you wonder why you hadn’t come across the artist before. And with a title like ‘Stand Back I Don’t Know How Loud This Thing Gets’, Canadian blues rocker Dan Doiron isn’t holding back with his message. The 10 well crafted, self penned songs are full of deep grooves, subtle playing and thoughtful arrangements. Doiron surrounds himself with a set of intuitive players who capture the essential feel of his soulful, funky, blues-rock that showcases his melodic sensibility, lyrical ability and instrumental versatility. The title track for example, is a blistering big band arrangement that highlights both Dan’s ability as a guitarist, vocalist and arranger, on a tension building, riff driven piece that he resolves with coruscating solo." Pete Feenstra - Radio Host- Set Ready To Rock Radio UK  Full review

 "A Stunning production with an attractive cover and a video all in the service of some very good songs. Doiron is a fine singer and an excellent guitarist, making this one well worth your attention." - John Valenteyn- Toronto Blues Society and Maple Blues Award Member


Stand Back is full of big tunes, and a big sound, with organ, backing singers, horns, and even a flute solo, a damn good one at that. Plus, there's lots of Doiron's licks, bites, stings and leads. Originals such as Killing Each Other Trying To Get Into Heaven are filled with such fireworks - Bob Mersereau- CBC Producer